We specialize in documentary & Candid wedding photography; Digitally and currently dabbling in 35 mm film.

I'm Meg, the one that started Megnolia Photos. I have always had a love for taking photos. Although, believe it or not, specializing in wedding photography wasn't on my radar until 2019 when I married my best friend. I think back to our wedding, (which honestly feels like a blur lol) and something that has stuck out to me the most was how our photographer captured it. You could see the real and raw emotions of us celebrating and being present, moments that might've been overlooked perhaps. I didn't realize some of them were even documented until I received the photos back. That's exactly what we want to bring to the table and why we do what we do because speaking from experience, those often overlooked moments are likely to be the ones that we look back on and cherish the most.

I'm JJ, I'm definitely not the brainchild of this whole operation. That title goes to my lovely wife, Meg. Honestly, if it wasn't for her, I probably would never have had anything to do with wedding photography. I realize that this isn't a very good way of selling myself as a wedding photographer, but I want you to know that because the love and memories that I share with my wife are a big part of why I have really come to enjoy it, much to my own surprise! Getting to know two people who are in love, hearing their story, and, helping them make and keep beautiful memories with those closest to them (with the one that I love the most) is a pretty awesome thing to do for a living.

let's face it; life goes way too fast

We never know what tomorrow is going to bring, so why not have the in-between moments & unseen touches documented the way they happened with the people you love the most.

Be Present. Celebrate. Love Deeply. We'll take care of the rest.

Kind Words

“I was set on hiring you and looking back I'm still happy I did”.

Connor + Renee

So, why choose us?

We understand that we aren't going to be a fit for everyone, and that's a-okay! but, if you're looking for someone who relates to those jittery pre-wedding nerves, followed by the euphoric feeling of being surrounded by nothing but love (and shedding a few happy tears), and being okay with however the day unfolds because you're celebrating with those closest to you, we may just be your guy and gal.